Embark on the Next Holistic Holiday at Sea


Set sail aboard the luxurious, eco-friendly, Italian MSC Divina on the 12th Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise for life-transforming discussions on the benefits of a plant-based diet, plus a host of other health and wellness activities with a community of 1,700 fellow passengers. The 35 expert presenters and teachers will include Ann Crile Esselstyn, known for her life-changing plant-based meals and author of the new book, The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, a current bestseller on Amazon.com; her husband Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, whose groundbreaking research and dietary advice found the book’s 125 recipes; plus Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Chef AJ (Abbie Jaye) and Bhava Ram.

    More than 130 classes cover food preparation, yoga, Pilates, meditation and other topics related to natural well-being. Cruise passengers will dine on non-dairy, vegan/natural cuisine, expertly prepared under the supervision of Mark Hanna, an internationally known natural food chef. Evenings bring opportunities to socialize in the Golden Jazz Bar and enjoy nourishing time in the Aurea Spa.

     The next cruise is March 14 to 21, 2015. Passengers depart from and return to Miami and dock en route at Falmouth, Jamaica; Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

For more information or to register, call 1-828-749-9537 or 1-800-496-0989, email Info@HolisticHolidayAtSea.com or visit HolisticHolidayAtSea.com.

Posted in November 2014

Teens Can Change Lives for Kittens


A new teen program promotes lifesaving foster care for bottle kittens, moms with kittens, weaned kittens and cats, who need loving one-on-one care. Teens can choose a foster duration of three to eight weeks, while earning community credit for school.

     “Teens will learn a variety of skills, from safe handling, neonatal care, daily feed, and health monitoring and tracking,” says Stacy Johnson, veterinary technician and developer of the lifesaving program. “This is an opportunity for young adults to become involved and make a lifesaving difference to the animals in their care.”

Location: Cat Depot, 2542 17th St, Sarasota. For more information, call 941366-2404 or emailStacyJ@catdepot.org. To learn more about Cat Depot, visit CatDepot.org.

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Health2Go Offers Biodentical DHEA Cream


Twist 25 DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) cream, developed and manufactured by Health2Go, Inc., has become available through two retailers of natural supplements, the Tahoma Washington Clinic, and the Life Extension Foundation, based in Florida. The cream, which is applied to the skin to provide pharmaceutical-grade, bioidentical DHEA has been approved by the third-party consumer evaluation and protection company, Doctor Trusted.

     “Medical research from Dr. Fernand Labrie and others at Laval University Research Center in Quebec, Canada, shows that DHEA is best absorbed and processed as a bioidentical cream through the skin, rather than as a pill or spray, because the liver filters out most DHEA before it can do any good,” explains  Hugh Woodward, president of Health2Go. “The highly absorbable, bioidentical Twist 25 DHEA cream, made with coconut oil, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E provides DHEA in a form that the body can use most efficiently.”

     “Its benefits for anyone over the age of 35 include maintaining hormone balance and a lean body naturally, sleeping better, improving mental acuity with improved focus and mood, supporting the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems, promoting bone strength and softer, smoother skin,” says Woodward, citing studies by The Life Extension Foundation.

For more information, call 281-370-0957, email Health2GoHugh@gmail.com or visit Twist25.com. 

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World Renowned Yoga Teachers Visit Sarasota Area


Ring in the New Year with four incredible workshops led by yoga teachers Alan and Sarah Finger of ISHTA Yoga in NYC. They will guide you through the chakras (energy centers), help you set an intention to start your new year, and lead you on an exploration of the more subtle aspects of yoga. Participate in one workshop or the entire weekend of December 27 and 28.

Location: Charlotte Harbor and Event Center, 75 Taylor St, Punta Gorda. For more information about this weekend event, visit TheYogaSanctuary.biz or call 941-505-9642.

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Wild Ginger Apothecary Opens in Gulf Gate


Wild Ginger Apothecary, the only strictly nontoxic store in the Sarasota area, with every item hand-selected for purity plus efficacy, is now open in Gulf Gate, Sarasota. This natural health boutique is poised to bring a new dimension to the popular and growing eco-friendly health and wellness retail marketplace.
Wild Ginger Apothecary’s goal is to offer the industry’s most relevant and in-demand products, free of all chemicals (even the so-called natural elements found in some of the most well-known and accepted natural marketplaces). It is also important to note that Wild Ginger’s offerings are sustainably and ethically produced. The non-toxic product categories include but are not limited to skincare, makeup, fragrance, home and nutrition. In addition, they offer classes and workshops for women, men and children on the topics of health, nutrition, lifestyle, creativity and more.
Nicole Leffler, Wild Ginger Apothecary’s proprietor, aims to firmly plant her passion, focus and knowledge of this important niche market in the Gulf Gate neighborhood and the Sarasota community.

Location: 6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota. For more information, phone 941-312-5630, emailwildgingerapothecary@gmail.com or visit WildGingerApothecary.com.

Posted in November 2014