Letter from the Publisher April 2016


This month, as we celebrate Earth Day and appreciate this planet’s natural wonders, we are also reminded of our role in environmental activism. Here in South Florida, we can enjoy various landscapes, from the beach to the marsh, and it’s our responsibility to protect them 


In this issue, you’ll find inspiration for promoting eco-friendly initiatives in your own lifeOur feature on “Personal Shades of Green” offers tips on how to maximize energy efficiency and conserve water usage, while decreasing waste and pollution. Also, the “Green Youth Update” explains how we can educate and empower the younger generation to embrace sustainable practicesIn addition, this month’s “Conscious Living” article focuses on the benefits of choosing local produce grown from pesticide-free, non-GMO heirloom seeds.  


So, as Earth Day approaches, I hope this issue will encourage you to continue being an environmentally conscious community member and global citizen. As always, please email any comments or suggestions to Publisher@nasrq. Here’s to a “greener” Suncoast! 




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The Chinese Trinity of Medicine


by Jeff Primack 


A righteous world awaits us if we heal collective disease quickly enough. Humans of higher mindconsciousness present three areas where disease can occurI find that knowledge of these areas isuseful in preventing disease throughout everyday life 



FiFirst Body—Jing Essence:  

No body part shows the “Jing” of a person like hair which contains the more pigments than any otherbody part. The melanin and carotenoid pigments are responsible for coloring hair, and they alsopreserve brain cells from oxidation. When the brain requires more melanin (an antioxidant pigment)to preserve cells from oxidation, it literally draws “precious pigments from the hair back into theSubstantia Nigra of the human brain.  

In studies, lack of melanin has been attributed to Parkinson’s disease, so preserving haircolor also preserves mental function. Black sesame seeds thicken and darken the hair, and have also been found to contain the actual melanin pigment.  By eating dark Jing foods, we can increase ourpigment intake and protect the brain from oxidative free radicals. Jing is most directly increased byeating the right types of food and herbs.   


SeSecond Body—Qi Energy: 

The health of Qi is determined by blood flow because, when the metabolism functions optimally,vascularity is enhanced, and more fat is burnedAs metabolic rate increases, I believe one’s connection with nature and the life source deepens.  

Raising Qi is akin to boosting oxygen consumption.  One minute of the “Nine-Breath Method” yields full-body vibrations and waves of bliss. Qi breathing dramatically deepenoxygen absorption. I used the Nine-breath Method this past Veteran’s day to perform 754 “perfect push-upsin two hoursI accomplished this feat by keeping my heart rate low through Qi breathing.  

Red foods support Qi of the heart. Dozens of studies show that Lycopene/Capsanthin (red)in tomatoes and peppers are superior radical neutralizers, when compared against Betacarotene(orangeor Lutein (yellow). My favorite food is homemade red pepper paste, as I believe it is amaster protector against cholesterol oxidation and crystallization. In addition, Qi is most noticeably enhanced by breathing techniques. 


[inThird Body—Shen Immortal Spirit: 

Shen health is determined by mind acuity, intelligence and emotional well-being. Taoists and Christians alike believe we choose divine or negative thought influences and must, therefore, guardthe spirit or mind from pathology. Chinese Medicine’s diagnosis “Disturbed Shen” means that anindividual is suffering from a mental problem which may contaminate the physical element 

Watching fish or interacting with pets can help recover Shen health by stilling the mind. Masters of Shen excel in crisis situations, and their focus is easily recognized among others In addition, PTSD sufferers are supported by the tranquil surroundings of gardens throughout theirhealing. Nature is the primary restorative of the spirit. Shen is most directly improved by quieting mind and further by meditation on light of the pineal gland. 


[inReversing disease with food (Jing), exercise (Qi) and meditation (Shen) offers a truly effective and natural healing methodYou can learn Qigong, along with thousands of people practicing under one roof. The Qi Revolution’s national event will be coming to the Daytona Ocean Center in May. The line-up includes Energizing Qigong, Breath Empowerment, Yoga, Meditation, Tui Na Massageand Collective Qi.”  

There will also be guest speakers of the highest caliber. David Avocado Wolfe is aworld0famous nutrition author, joining us to share his knowledge of tonic herbs and drinks.Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith will also be appearing for the third time to speak about Love’s Role in Creative Process.”  

This event is non-denominational, and all respectful people are welcome to attend. The intention is to unify and gather for Qigong in order to reveal a collective higher human potential. At this crucial time in history, it is important for the human body become stronger and more fit to serve, thereby offering the highest contribution to the divine plan’s unfolding on earth.    

From May 13–15, the Qi Revolution’national event will visit the Daytona Ocean Center. 
This event is open to the public, and the cost is $99 for 2 ½ days. Fire, police and military servicemen are admitted free. Seating is limited. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 800-298-8790 or visit QiRevoltuion.com. 


As the founder of the Qi Revolution $99 Conference, Jeff Primack passionately shares powerful wellness secrets, using food as medicine, breathing, warrior postures and more. Since 2005,Primack has taught Qigong nationwide, and has certified four-thousand instructors to pass on this healing wisdom. 

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Health Benefits of the Ozone Layer, Direct to Your Water Faucet


by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


Are you aware that, according to the National Weather Service, Florida’s Gulf Coast generates more lightning per square mile than any other U.S. region? The Sunshine State has also beencounted among the world’s foremost “lightning capitals”—second only to East Africa. However, despite its potential risk factors to both people and property, this natural phenomenon is essentialfor sustaining human life and environmental vitality.  

When lighting strikes, making contact with oxygen in the atmosphere, this electrical charge spawns a gaseous substance called ozone which purifies the air we breathe. These cleansing properties can also be utilized to disinfect our water supply. 150 times more potent and 3,500 times faster-acting than chlorine, ozone eliminates the color, taste and odor from water, leaving behind no toxic or carcinogenic by-products.  

In addition, this purification method effectively oxidizes bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and over 700 organic compounds to yield safe and refreshing water for both households and business centers. Throughout Southwest Florida, one company has been spearheading this ozone technology for several years. Sparky Healthy Water, based locally in Veniceis the state’s preeminent manufacturer of hybrid water sanitation units.  

This USDA- and FDA-approved equipment features a patented oxygen bubbler and eco-conscious aeration filter that harness pure lighting benefits. Our process turns ozone into a natural air and water purification system that we make on-demand with a three-amp power source.Since the by-product of ozone is 100% oxygen, there is no salt or chemical content and never anyfilters to replace,” elaborates Bill Nelson, founder of Sparky Healthy Water.   

He continues, “The stainless steel Oxygen Bubbler Aerator sterilizes both well and city water, creating oxygen bubbles in every faucet around your house to provide clean water for the whole family. Most local restaurants, homes and public spaces rely on salt water softeners to distil drinking water, but the World Health Organization states that anyone over age 40 should limit their sodium intake. Besides, each household using salt water softeners will discharge 12,000–50,000 gallons of saline-laced brine water into the environment per year. 

Therefore, in response to that antiquated, physically harmful and ecologically draining approach, Sparky Healthy Water—with Nelson, dubbed “Mr. Ozone,” at the helm—has solved our community’s tainted water dilemma by making this wholesome alternative widely available across the Suncoast and beyond.   


For more information on installing a Sparky Healthy Water system in your home and to schedule a free water test, call 1-941-202-9050, email CustomerService@SparkyHealthyWater.com or visit SparkyHealthyWater.com. 


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota-Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer, based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog, HealthBeAHippie.Wordpress.com, features practical tips for embracing a fit, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.  

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Healing Voices Movie: Let’s Change the Conversation


by Lauren Spiro 


Healing Voices, a feature-length documentary to be released globally on April 29, explores the experiences commonly labeled as psychosis through the real life stories of three people, working to overcome extreme mental states and integrate these experiences into their lives in a meaningful way.  

This film includes commentary from experts in the field including award-winning journalist Robert Whitaker, psychologist and social critic Dr. Bruce Levine, internationally known mental health consultant Will Hall who has lived experience of a mental health condition, and Dr. Marius Romme, a founder of the Hearing Voices movement, among others. 

Healing Voices takes a giant step forward in the effort to transform mental health care across the U.S. This process of transformation can be traced back to 1969 when the seeds of a civil and human rights movement, both by and for individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions, were planted in the U.S. by people with the lived experience of mental health recovery. Those seeds have now taken root and are flourishing worldwide. 

For 40 years, I have worked full-time alongside thousands of other people to bring about a shift in community thinking about mental health liberation. Decades ago, as a teenager, I suddenly became engaged in conversation with God one evening. At the time, I did not believe in God, so this was a startling event. I found myself catapulted into an altered state of consciousness. My senses became overloaded with information, and I received a visionI needed to reach the President of the United States and be part of creating safe, healthy communities. That next day, however, I was placed in a mental institution and labeled with chronic schizophrenia. My family and I were told there was no hope for recovery or a meaningful life in the community. I would always rely on psychiatric drugs and care from mental institutions. 

The experts were wrong, thoughI spent many years soul searching, grieving, forgiving and coming to understand the impact of trauma and oppression to learn there was never anything wrong with me. Instead of a diagnosis, I needed compassion and supporters who believed that mymind had not gone anywhere, that I simply needed assistance to move beyond monologue—whereI was stuck in my own thoughts—to dialogue. Had the intervention been different, I would never have needed to be imprisoned and forcibly drugged for 15 months. 

Yet, I have no regrets. Fast forward 35 years, and I found myself at the White House engaged in mental health policy development. People with lived experience of mental health recovery, like myself, had formed the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR), and I becametheir first director.  

The mission of the NCMHR is to ensure that individuals with lived experience of a mental health condition “have a major voice in the development and implementation of health care, mental health and social policies at the state and national levels, empowering people to recover and lead a full life in the community.” My job included educating Congress and senior administration officials about changes needed in our mental health system to make this community inclusion a reality.  

Those changes are, in fact, happening. The grass roots are blossoming, and this film is a watershed example of that. The invitation is to open our hearts and our minds by looking at thealternative possibilities. For example, was my “schizophrenia” madness, or was it a vision? TheHealing Voices movie is a one-of-a-kind social action event. It will bring together a virtual global community of individuals, groups and organizations, dedicated to promoting awareness and creating action around the critical social issue of emotional wellness and mental health. Healing Voices invites us to rethink our cultural understanding of mental health problems. It is a catalyst to reframe what we have learned about “mental health problems” and gives us a broader understanding of the depth of human experience. 

People can—and do—recover from even the most severe mental health challenges. Their lives aren’t broken. Alternative approaches to supporting people through emotional crisis have proven to be highly effective. Social action films such as this one have made a significant impact on social consciousness and preceded social action. This is our intentionand you can be part of it.Together, let’s change the conversation. 

Healing Voices is more than a film. Rather, it is the manifestation of a movement. Each of us plays a role in creating inclusive, compassionate and healthy communities. By taking social action, we can all become the healing voice.This film’s goal is to move viewers into specific actions by providing them with ideas, opportunities and resources for follow-up discussion. These could include personal action, community action, financial action or political action. 

Many people who view the film may be hearing new information that can be challenging to absorbTherefore, a facilitated dialogue, taking place after the movie, will provide anopportunity to process what we’ve learned and discuss questions raised by the film. This movie event will be a safe space where differing points of view can be shared in a healthy,nonjudgmental and compassionate way.  

It is an honor to have lived long enough to contribute to the shift in consciousness that has become an integral part of this transformation. Yet, there is much work still to be done toward creating safe, strength-based and healthy communities where everyone is respected and included in the fabric of society.  


Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.”  

Cesar Chavez, American civil rights activist 


The Healing Voices premier will take place at Unity of Sarasota, located at 3023 Proctor Rd, Sarasota. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. The movie screening will be from 7–8:30 p.m., followed by a dialogue, from 8:4 –9:30 p.m. For more information, call 941-955-3301. To view the movie trailer, visit HealingVoicesMovie.com/Healing-Voices-4-29-16. 

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The “WOW” Behind the “NOW”


by Harald Anderson

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

When was the last time that you truly marveled at something? Can you remember the exact time and place? One of the characteristics that I find very attractive in people is an ability to nurture a sense of wonder about life.
As quickly as events unfold and information changes hands today, we often become numb to the creative possibilities surrounding us at any given moment. Wonder is the idea and sensation that a great deal of wisdom and beauty remains hidden behind the experience we are witnessing. It is a philosophy of possibilities that challenges our logic and expands our basic understanding and beliefs. I call it the “wow” behind the “now.”
Wonder is a fascinating concept to research. We all seem to instinctively know what it is. Much what I’ve researched on the topic of wonder can be summarized by the idea that a birthplace of wonder is looking at the world and experiences differently because of a great teacher, idea or insight.
It seems at the core of every great achievement is the idea of what could be possible. We possess four essential abilities to develop greater consciousness, awareness and understanding. These abilities include the following:
•    To reason
•    To know that we know
•    To know that we know not
•    To develop our intuition

Most people strive to live by demonstrating to others that they know, even if they don’t. In fact, our educational system is focused on teaching us to reason and to know that we know. However, artists and adventurers quickly gravitate to the arena “that we know not” and make the process of discovery the canvas of their lives. It seems these artists and adventurers feed off an idea of exploring unknown territory claiming it as the birthplace of all possibility.
In the book The Art of Dreaming, Don Juan tells Carlos Castaneda, “Most of our energy goes into upholding our importance. If we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur. Two, we would provide ourselves with enough energy to… catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe.” This is the creative response to life.
Intuition often gives birth this way, as a fleeting insight that we often dismiss as coincidence or write off as “just my imagination.” Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  What have you done lately to cultivate your intuition and sense of wonder?
I’ve learned that when wonder looks inward, it becomes logic. When wonder looks outward, it becomes possibility. When wonder looks upward, it contributes to a better understanding of all that we consider real. Possibility or limitation. The choice is always yours.
Every thought that you think today will give birth to worlds of possibilities. Every word that you murmur will unleash the power of pure potential. Every action you take will remind you all that limitation is a choice.
Or not. The Buddha taught that, in our lives, we can’t help but make the invisible visible. Our exterior world is a perfect reflection of the invisible world of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and considerations. Everything we do in life harmonizes with the invisible symphony of possibility. If you are not getting the results you want, be the change you wish to see in the world. When you channel the invisible, you can create the impossible.
We can all get caught up in the “hamster wheel” of what we call life.  We often define ourselves by what we “mean” to others. How do you define yourself?
•    Are you living the life you wish to have?
•    Have you lost touch with the dreams you had for yourself?

  • Do you put everyone else’s needs and desires before your own? Perhaps you are searching for clarity regarding your life purpose.

Your authentic self, the “real” you, is longing to emerge and embrace this sacred life you have been given. During this experiential retreat of release, refocus and renewal, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Identify and release old patterns and blockages that block joy and limit success.
  • Take the time to focus on YOU and your dreams.
  • Learn how your thoughts, emotions and words have real power.
  • Connect with understanding, supportive and empowering women committed to helping you reconnect to your life purpose and goals.
  • Be re-energized and inspired as you begin living your truth.
  • Come away with a greater clarity and appreciation, knowing who you truly are.
  • Become equipped with real tools to help you create the life you desire and deserve.

Expert mediums and educators Brenda Reading and Sharon Hill will be leading “The Women’s Empowerment Retreat” at The Spirit University from April 15–17. They will share insights to unlock your true abilities and potential to align with your life’s purpose. Bring an open mind and prepare to be amazed at what this open mind will create.

“The Women’s Empowerment Retreat” will take place at 373 Braden Ave., Sarasota. For more information and to register, call 941-544-5874 or visit TheSpiritUniversity.com.

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